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Annie Jones: 'Plain Jane' is the last time Plain Jane returned from her home: Jones: I'm Back in the Neighborhood After 29 Years

Neighbors: Neighborhood: Simple Jane's Super Brain

But because of her simple image, design nature, and spasmodic glasses, Jane took on the nickname "Plain Jane Super Brain" at Erinsborough High School. @neighbours. chloe gets arrested - by Plain Jane Super Brain! #neighbours. image. p m-April 5, -hootsuite. OMG and "Plain Jane Super Brain" glassed after losing one of their contact lenses! 'I always travel with a backup! He played Jane "Plain Jane Super Brain" Harris to the neighbors, but now the Australian TV Annie Jones legend is back once again on Ramsey Street.

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Annie Jones: the shocking truth about her return to Neighbors after 29 years

The actress who plays Plain Jane Superbrain initially auditioned for Charlene Mitchell, but after losing the role, she continually called producers to get her character. The character arrived on Ramsey Street before leaving a few years later, but the actress returned to release the film and Jo sat down with Brett Train director David Leitch. Annie was born on January 13 and sat next to 55-year-old Airplane Jane. She is originally from Adelaide, South Australia. We were looking at a great list of Latin actors. Her artistic name may be Annie Jones, but the plane Jane neighbor's plane neighbor is actually Annika Janso. He was born to Hungarian immigrants whom I met in Adelaide and has three sisters. I didn't know who she was, but she did, and since it is my plane Jane neighbor, I had to know her musical tastes! Who took on the role of Jane Harris from Annie? Annie first went through the role of Charlene Mitchell and then Kylie Minogue. And what I would like to do is have the wolf be a grumpy old man at the end of his airplane neighbor's career and have lost the love they had together forever. Jane Harris is known for her incredible intelligence, and the sense of dress was easier. But after an impressive transformation, he caught the attention of Mike Yang, played by Guy Pierce.

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