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Sign up for Deezer and listen to Rick before you paste in Denise La Salle and the other 90, 000,000,000 songs. You need to lick it, you need to be soft and wet before you kick it, Boom-Ba-da-da-da-da baby work it, baby work it. baby work it, baby. Lick It" was recorded by the American 20 Fingers dance group with Singaloola and released as their second single in February. You have to make it so that you have to make it soft and wet before we kick it so we can kick it (repeat) boom ba-da-da-da. Baby work that's what I met. Lyrics. Don't mess up my toot don't mess up my toot toot. I know you have another woman. So don't put them in my toot-toot.

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It also appeared on the second studio album of the same name by 20 Fingers, reaching number one in Italy. The song contains the explicit lyrics referenced in Cunnilingus. A black-and-white music video was also filmed, and Larry Flick of Billboard wrote that such a song "has lyrics that dare not overcome teenage humor and coarse chatter, serving as a real cautionary trope, infused with Slamin' groove and contagious songs." He added, "He has the singer Lula in the puller and misses the pleasure of verbal satisfaction. His songs are successful in many European countries. He topped the singles charts in Italy and had top ten success in five Austrian countries. Belgium, France, France, Germany number 4, and Spain number 4. on Euro Arco Art Hot, "Lick It" reached number 6. Dickman "At the Sensation White Party in Amsterdam, a special "Rick It" remix was released with real vocals along with go-go dancers. Navigation Content Front. Learn about recent file changes to the community portal

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