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Source - This gives new meaning to bad judgment when Covers Band brass frontwoman Sophia Urista told the public she had to be relieved during an appearance at the Welcome To Rockville Festival. I really don't like to be embarrassed here, but girls get mad at guys I feel I have to do it. Even if this is such a great moment in your life you can not pee on a guy and play publicly with peeing. I hate it very much. Not that he didn't pee a little, but he did launch a flow stronger than the Mississippi in the face of the press. You can see the size of the flow in this screenshot somehow. Brass issued a statement on Twitter saying that the reason Sophia did what she did was because she is now being "dragged". Me, "dying" is drinking a lot of beers in a bar, but everyone alone. Obviously, this is on another level in terms of insanity.

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