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He made 14 tributes to HBO. It was a mixture of hard spikes and coarse humor, and he was even the host of the first episode of Saturday Night Live. His career produced many motivational and humorous excerpts. In this list you will find the 10 best excerpts by George Carlin. These excerpts from George Carlin's Religion were a run that often made other related issues to further his point. Carlin was never faithful to the American dream, and this passage was one of many that established his attitude toward him. His skepticism led him to warn others about the dangers of following such lies, stating that the wealthiest could prevent it from actually happening. Another political stimulus aimed at the organization of the George religion quote as well as the audience that supported George Carlin's religion quote. Carlin believed that all people were very smart, but by grouping them together he would see their values easily manipulated by politicians. He again proclaimed his light empt against politicians, but that is only before showing the audience with his finger and explaining that they came from American families. Carlin was known for his coarse humor, and this quotation of George Carlin's religion may have destroyed childhood Christmases over the years. It was his profane language and coarse banter that took him to the forefront and kept him there because of the transparency caused by his actions and views. This little excerpt prompted many to fail and reminded them that it was only a small step toward success. Carlin again explains that the average person is the cause of many of the problems facing society and that ignorance of events is responsible for him fixing problems with temporary solutions.

There is no mystery, no one is asking for money. I don't have to dress well, and I have no boring dignity. And it is very interesting that I found out the prayer I am doing. Religion simply controls the mind. Religion - manipulation - control. ☆. - When you are born ... George Carlin's Religion Quote Fridge Magnet "Religion is like a pair of shoes. You find the right one for you, but you don't have to wear the shoes." Magnet. Religion is like a drug; it destroys thoughtfulness." 'When you press the brake, your life is in the hands of your feet.' He was known for his black comedy and his reflections on issues of politics, English, psychology, religion, and taboos. His program "Seven Dirty Words. Like a pair of shoes: find the one that suits you, but don't make me wear your shoes." I love it when flowers and little bunches of them. I love and appreciate people when I meet them.

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