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The bloodthirsty tale of the Midget Mansion is one of San Antonio's most popular urban myths. But are the tales of ghosts true? And is it still haunted today? The spooky tale is, at its heart, the classic fairy tale of the Horned Home. Anita Bartholomew, one of Reader's Digest International Edition's leading journalists, specializes in stories. Here's another way to tell the story . San Antonio's "Midget Mansion" is also referred to with more PC names like Gillespie Mansion, but despite the different names, the myth of this city is perhaps one of One of the most whimsical and spooky stories concerns a property that had the colorfully named Midget Mansion (also known as Gillespie Mansion).

This is followed by a team of researchers who spend a week at the former home of a sadist and killer, where a previous paranormal researcher was inexplicably killed. Her screenplay was written by American author Richard Matheson, based on the Hell House novels. Physicist Dr. Lionel Barrett is recruited by eccentric billionaire Rudolph Dix to conduct research on the "Everest of Horned Houses," a posthumous home life. The house is believed to be plagued by victims of Belasco's perverse and sadistic desires. Barrett will be accompanied by his wife Anne and two psychics: mental medium and spiritual priest Florence Tanner, the sole survivor of an investigation conducted 20 years ago, and natural medium Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Fisher. The team arrives to begin the study a week before Christmas Eve, and the rationalist Barrett deals with Florence's belief in a "surviving personality" and insists that there is nothing else but electromagnetic energy that plagues the natural world and focuses the home. Barrett brings in a machine he has developed. Although not a natural medium, Florence begins to exhibit natural phenomena in her home. After the battle with Tanner, when Barrett is attacked by an invisible army, he suspects that Florence could use the energy of the house against him. Until then, Fischer remains distant, his mind closed to the influence of the house, there only to collect a generous salary.

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Members of the puppet family ride the elephants of the Circus Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey. PHOTOS: Florida Memory Project; in the 1970s there were only three. Has anyone been into San Antonio, Texas at the Midget Mansion? I know it is not there but I have heard a lot of crazy things happened there . Once again we worked with Weird NJ to research local legends. This time this is the Midget House in Brick, NJ. Gillespie Villa in San Antonio, TX is best known as "Dwarf Villa" for some reason. The legend is very much in the decade of the s... The Nazi farm, can you tell us more about it? I remember my father saying that the Nazis still held that house. Ringling Manor and Midgetville Legend Poll, 95 Comments. This is almost a typical American ghost story. Extensive villas abandoned for unknown reasons, mysterious arrangements.

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